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At Simflightronics, we always welcome talented and qualified people who are passionate about their future and careers.  Our team has contributed to us coming a long way from designing and building entry-level Flight Simulation Training Devices, to becoming a truly vertically integrated company, boasting a compliment flight related, world-class, aviation products and services.  We continue to provide our clients with expert Aviation Consulting, State-Of-The-Art Flight Simulation Products, and Professional Flight Training Services, all with the help of our diverse team of highly skilled and accomplished professionals.


One of our recent team accomplishments in our Simulation division has been that we have received FAA approval for our newest line of highly advanced, cockpit specific, Flight Simulation Training Devices, representing the Airbus and Boeing series of aircraft.  These devices benefit our clients by providing them with a customized, advanced, flexible, and affordable training platform, which helps to train pilots efficiently, in the most cost-effective manner, enhancing the safety and profitability of our aviation industry.  The credit for these accomplishments, go straight to all of our team members at Simflightronics.  

Amazing People

These accomplishments are only possible because of our investment in the set of diverse and resourceful people, who provide the company with innovative ideas, working together as a team, at all levels.  They excel in all business areas including administration, business development, design engineering, manufacturing, hardware/software integration, flight testing, training, marketing, sales, and customer support.


We at Simflightronics, take pride in committing ourselves to a core set of values that define us, and guide us to our future.  Our people strive at maintaining the highest standards of excellence and integrity, taking personal responsibility for the jobs done.  As part of our team, you will help us foresee and understand the needs of our customers, and respond to those needs by meeting and exceeding the customer’s expectations, always insisting on outstanding quality, and never underestimating the competition. 

Equal Opportunity
Simflightronics is an equal opportunity employer, and is proud of our diversity in the work-place.  We have a global reach in all of our lines of business, backed our team members who come from various countries, speaking different languages, all working towards a common set company objectives.

EHS- Environment, Health and Safety

Simflightronics is committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, their familes, and of other persons who may be affected by our products and services.  We believe that by implementing a sound Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) policy in all aspects of our business, we will enhance our business functions, and provide a safe and productive environment for our people, while conserving our resources, and minimizing damage to our environment.

Careers at Simflightronics

We invite applications from people with all backgrounds and experience levels, which include the following positions:

Aviation Consultant and Subject Matter Expert
Aviation Business Development Executive
Marketing and Sales Executive
Sales Engineer
Simulation Design and Manufacturing Project Manager
Flight Simulation Software/Hardware Design and Integration Engineer
Flight Simulation Software Expert
Mechanical Engineer
Flight Test Pilot
Advanced Flight Training Captain
Metal/Fiberglass/Composite Fabricator
Internship / Co-op position

Internship / Co-op positions

At Simflightronics we specialize in recruiting qualified candidates for Internship and Co-op positions, who want to take-off with their careers, and help change the world of flight simulation and training.  Our Interns and Co-ops enjoy working in a progressively challenging, real-world  environment, reporting directly to top-level management.  They gain valuable hands-on experience in every aspect of the company’s operation, including consulting, design engineering, production, flight-testing, and customer support.  

If you are passionate about your aviation career, and want to become an accomplished professional in the field of aviation consulting, simulation, and training, and have the skills and qualities that we are looking for, then we encourage you to contact us. Please send us your resume, along with a cover letter, and we will be happy to talk to you.


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