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SFT-7000 Series AATD

The Simflightronics SFT-7000 Series, Advanced Aviation Training Devices (AATDs), represent Transport Category Jet Aircraft, with cockpit specific configurations that include models such as the Airbus A320, Boeing B737NG, and Bombardier CRJ aircraft.  These high-fidelity, full-featured, training devices are highly affordable, and ideally suited for advanced flight training, as part of the training program for airlines, aviation universities/colleges, corporate aviation departments, flight schools, and other flight training providers.

A major advantage of using the SFT-7000 Series AATD for the training provider operating under 14 CFR Part 142, is that a significant amount of Full Flight Simulator (FFS) time can be substituted by the AATD, which is much more cost-effective to own and operate, thereby freeing up the FFS for more productive revenue generation.  This method of incorporating extensive use of the AATD in a typical type rating program will have the benefit of reducing the overall price point of the type rating course, making it more affordable for the customer, and provide a competitive edge for the training provider.

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SFT-3000 Series AATD

The Simflightronics SFT-3000 Series AATDs represent General Aviation piston and turboprop engine aircraft, with various cockpit configurations for models including the Cessna, Beechcraft, Piper, Diamond, and Cirrus, aircraft. These devices are designed primarily for the ab-initio / general aviation training markets, and also include advanced, cockpit specific models with the latest "Glass Cockpit" technology such as the Garmin G1000 and Avidyne avionics suites.  With a combination of  low acquisition costs, realistic features, and proven reliability, these high-performance devices help to deliver training that is not only highly effective but also cost-efficient.

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SFT-7000/3000 Series AATD Benefits

  • Enhanced operational safety
  • Unmatched profit capability
  • Positive transfer of learning
  • Maximum dispatch reliability
  • Minimized maintenance requirements
  • Simplified facility requirements 
  • Easy installation, setup, and re-location 
  • Complete operator and maintenance training package
  • Exclusive SMARTS Program (System Monitoring And Remote Technical Support)
  • Readily available Lease/Finance options with flexible payment terms

The SFT-7000 and SFT-3000 Series AATDs come fully equipped with standard equipment that includes an external visual system, realistic-feel heavy duty flight controls, and simulated / live ATC environment. Optional equipment such as the SFT Command Visual™ 220 degrees "Level D" compliant visual system, SFT Command Control™ digital control loading system, the SFT Command Motion™ electric motion system, and the SFT Command Environment™ ATC simulation system, are also available as fully integrated components, that add exceptional value and benefits for our clients.

The Simflightronics devices can be custom designed and manufactured to represent any aircraft configuration, at any desired level of certification, including Full Motion, Level D, Full Flight Simulators, fully approved by FAA, to accurately represent the specific aircraft configuration, aeromodel, systems, and general characteristics. All of our devices are built using state-of-the-art technology, making them highly advanced, yet very affordable and easy to maintain.  We adhere to tough manufacturing standards, using aircraft quality components, to withstand the demanding flight-simulation training environment.


SFT Command Visual Systems

The SFT Command Visual System is designed and built to complement our entire range of AATDs, with the main goal of enhancing safety.  As a result, our visuals provide an extremely realistic environment, using a high-performance PC based system, with easily available COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) components, that also make the system very affordable to acquire and operate.

There are several visual systems to choose from, depending on the clients specific needs and budget.  For example, our CV-220OPD system is designed to exceed the demanding FAA/JAA Level D visual software requirements, providing the pilot with highly realistic and accurate visual cues, for the terrain, airport, and runway environments. It consists of a 220 degrees horizontal, and 43 degrees vertical field of view, while projecting the image on a spherical screen, using high-end LCoS projectors.  We also offer a Level D compliant, collimated display system, that can be integrated with any of our SFT-7000 Series, or higher, Flight Simulation Training Devices.  Our Level D compliant visual system software and collimated displays are offered through our special partnership with RSI-Visual Systems™, a leading manufacturer of PC based visual systems for the commercial and defense flight-training environment.

With all of their benefits, the Simflightronics Command Visual systems have redefined the industry standards in terms of overall performance, capability, reliability, and affordability.


SFT Command Motion Systems

The SFT Command Motion System utilizes the industry standard and highly proven, all-electric motion platform, in partnership with Moog, the world leader in motion systems.  We offer our clients a customized, turn-key solution, designed to precisely match their unique training requirements and budget.

The major benefits of our motion systems include:
  • FAA Level D compliant, 6-Degree of Freedom (6-DOF) platform for maximum realism
  • Other specified Degrees of Freedom (DOF) platforms for custom required applications
  • Higher level of fidelity, using high performance motion cueing design
  • 80% lower maintenance costs (compared to older hydraulic based systems)
  • Readily integrated and scalable PC-based software
  • Comprehensive safety design
  • Ease of installation, operation, and maintenance
  • Integrated with our SMARTS Program (System Monitoring And Remote Technical Support)
  • World-wide 24/7 technical support


SFT Command Environment™

No flight simulation system is complete without a realistic and effective ATC environment simulation system that is fully integrated with the Flight Simulation Training Device or AATD.  Our customized SFT Command Environment™, is made available to our clients through our strategic industry partnership with Adacel™, which is a leading  developer of advanced simulation and control systems for aviation and defense.

The SFT Command Environment™, provides the user with a customized Air Traffic Control (ATC) simulation solution, using Real Time Software, incorporating Voice Control Technology. This makes the training highly effective, exposing the pilots to a realistic ATC environment, that has the benefit of maintaining the highest levels of standards and safety. 

The package consists of a fully integrated, turn-key solution, that can be user defined to include simulation of the Tower, Radar, Non-Radar Procedural, and Precision Approach Radar (PAR) functions, along with generation of traffic in the visual system, designed to support all segments of a typical "gate-to-gate" simulation and training program. 


Products Partnerships

Simflightronics has established highly leveraged, strategic industry partnerships with exclusive, proven aerospace companies who are world leaders in their fields.  This helps us to offer to our clients a unique and comprehensive set of simulation products, that will exceed all of their requirements and expectations in terms of quality, capability, performance, and affordability, giving them a highly competitive edge in their business.

For all of our Simulation Products, we take pride in providing our clients with unmatched customer service and exceptional Tech-Support, through our SMARTS™  Program.  We also offer a custom designed, Extended Limited Warranty, and On-Site Service, that provides our clients with the peace of mind, knowing that they are backed at all times by the manufacturer.



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